Wine export dropped 4% in April, but is growing year to date


Since January, 244,2 million euros have been sold, almost a million more than in the same period last year.

   Despite the fact that wine exports stopped in April, with a fall of 4% (59 million euros) accumulated of the first four months of the year, the sector is still on positive ground. In total 937.8 million liters were sold abroad, worth 244.2 million euros, almost one million euros more than in the same period last year. The evolution is positive by 0.4% in value and 0.9% in volume. But the average price fell 0.5%, to 2.60 euros a liter.

   Figures that do not hide the fall of the month of April, since in the accumulated of the first quarter, the sector was growing almost 2%. And even in April, the loss is mainly seen in European markets - most of which are closed as a way to contain the covid-19 pandemic - which are down 19.3%. On the other hand, sales to third countries grew by 15%, with special emphasis on relevant markets such as Canada or the United Kingdom. But France, the main destination abroad, falls more than 34% to 6.1 million (3.2 million euros less than in the same period in 2019) and even the United States, the second main market, loses one million euros. euros: 6.1 million were exported, minus 13.9%.