This webinar is dedicated to the Russian market and its business opportunities.

The Russian Federation with an area of ​​more than 17 million km2 and being one of the most populous countries in the world, occupies a place of extreme relevance in the world economy.

Russia's GDP in 2019 grew 1.3% and the forecast for 2020 was the continuation of this growth trend. However, in the context of the current pandemic the Central Bank of Russia predicts a 4-6% drop in GDP in 2020. The forecast for 2021 is already growing (between 2.8-4.8%).

The areas of great importance in the country continue to be oil, energy, mineral transformation, infrastructure and construction, IT, agriculture, among others. The relevance of the pharmaceutical area also took on another dimension, given the current situation of the pandemic.


  • Pedro Magalhães (International Trade Director @CCIP)
  • Svetlana Bilous (International Director @Optimistic Plus Lda)


  • Presentation
  • 2019 Overview
  • Current economic situation
  • Industry sectors and service areas with business potential in Russia