Webinar Meet-the-market: Belarus


On the 27th of April CCIP held the webinar, dedicated to the Belarus market and its business opportunities.

In 2019 GDP of Belarus grew 1,2%, however due to pandemic consequences in 2020 it fell 2,6%. Forecast for 2021 is recovery of 1,8%. The areas of great importance in the country are metallurgical, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, agriculture, light industry and food industry.


  • Pedro Magalhães (International Trade Director @CCIP) 
  • Svetlana Bilous (International Director @Optimistic Plus Lda)
  • Carlos Coimbra (CEO @D'oro Food Solutions)


  • Introduction
  • 2020 Overview
  • Current economic situation
  • Retail overview
  • Industry sectors and service areas with business potential in Belarus

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