The Potentialities of the Russian Market


Optimistic will organize a business mission and lead your company to one of the largest economies in the world within a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.

Being the world's largest country and occupying a 12th place in the Economics raking, Russia has a market of 147 million consumers. Hand in hand with its size it is the world's leading producer of oil, the second largest natural gas and the fifth largest in electricity, not forgetting it is still a major exporter of metals such as steel and primary aluminum.

The Russian economy is relatively diversified, with a very significant weight of services in GDP and employment, followed by the industrial sector.

For Portuguese companies, the sectors with the greatest potential to enter into this market are, among others: agri-food; fashion row (footwear, unclassified textiles, clothing, accessories); HoReCa row (home textiles, furniture and lighting); construction, including consulting, architecture and building materials; automotive components; machinery and equipment with the purpose to modernise the various sectors inside the industry and sectors such as the hospital and education; cluster health, pharmaceutical in particular; technologies and innovation; tourism; and real estate.

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