"The economy during a pandemic Covid-19" in a study by the Roscongress Foundation


The ROSCONGRESS.ORG information and analytical system has published an overview of economic measures taken by the world's states to support business and citizens in the conditions of Covid-19 proliferation.

The study highlights the need for and importance of studying the practices of the world's states in support of business and citizens who find themselves in a difficult life situation due to coronavirus, in order to identify the best and promising examples for further replication.

"Business in all countries today is facing a recession. No one understands how long the restrictions on business in the coronavirus situation will last. Many countries are vulnerable: they have no reserves to support everyone. There must be a reasonable balance between strict quarantine measures and economic preferences. The study of anti-crisis programs, forms of anti-crisis response by the governments of different countries is an opportunity to find the best way to maintain economic stability in the short term," said Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov.

The review describes the features and measures of government support for the population, who found themselves in an unfavorable situation due to the epidemic, small and medium enterprises in the countries, identified priority areas for improvement of government policy in the development of small and medium businesses. The document is structured according to the course of Covid-19 spread in the regions of the world: from the center of infection - China in North-East Asia - to the countries of Africa, which have long been on the periphery of the epidemic. Special attention is paid to individual countries particularly affected by the epidemic (Italy, Iran, USA) or those implementing the most successful program to combat the epidemic (Republic of Korea, Singapore). To date, the study has reviewed the experiences of more than 20 countries.

"Over the years, Roscongress Foundation has brought together representatives of business, financial, trade and business associations from 69 countries. We maintain partnership relations with 122 foreign economic partners. Today, representatives of this community have the most important task on their shoulders - to support those who need help. At the same time, it is necessary to pay special attention to how the whole system is changing, what new boundaries and opportunities are opening up for business. I am convinced that our review will be useful for managers at any level, from microenterprises to large businesses. Today more than ever it is important to evaluate and adopt successful experience," said Alexander Stuglev, Director of Roscongress Foundation.

To read the study, open the document attached below.

Source: Roscongress Foundation