The 14 measures to respond the crisis Internationalization Program


The new Programa Internacionalizar 2030  is structured in two stages: a first, with a rapid response to the pandemic crisis, and a second, with the repositioning of Portugal in international markets.

The 2030 internationalization program, which aims to increase exports to 53% of GDP in 2030 and reinforce the stock of foreign direct investment by 4% per year, will be implemented in two phases because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The general objectives have not changed since approval by the Council of Ministers at the end of July 2020, but it was necessary to tune the implementation strategy. Thus, 14 measures were defined to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

These measures are:

  1. Continue to prioritize the Business Matchmaking Digital tool;
  2. Develop digital skills;
  3. Reconvert human resources to digital;
  4. Extend the coverage of credit insurance policies;
  5. Finance the international order;
  6. Adopt fiscal instruments to support internationalization;
  7. Strengthen structural funds for digital;
  8. Reinforce digital promotion;
  9. Raising IDE to reinforce internal value chains;
  10. Implement the Online Internationalization accelerator;
  11. Internationalize value chains;
  12. Strengthen electronic commerce;
  13. Relaunch Portugal's promotion program "Somos on";
  14. Develop the logistical process of electronic commerce;

The program will be coordinated politically by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and not Economy, within the scope of economic diplomacy; To find out more about these measures, you can read on: