Taxes on companies: Portugal in 11th place, more than 4.300 fees charged


In nine years, Portugal changed from the 16th to the 11th position among the Member States of the European Union in terms of the weight of taxes in the turnover of companies, representing 20% ​​in 2017, it was announced today.

The work, carried out by consultants EY and Sérvulo for the Confederação Empresarial de Portugal (CIP), based on a calculation of the weight of the tax burden of companies considering taxes paid on turnover, shows that "in 2017, Portugal occupied the 11th position among EU 27 Member States, with taxes representing 20% ​​of companies' turnover.

In 2008, Portugal occupied the 16th position having meanwhile risen in the ranking, presenting the 5th largest increase, CIP said in a statement.

According to the CIP "between 2008 and 2017, only eight countries registered increases in this indicator, with, in fact, there was a reduction in the tax burden in the remaining 19 countries", reads the same note.

"To these conclusions, it should be added that, although classic taxation (IRC, IRS, IVA, IMI and IMT) continues to constitute the main source of tax revenue, there is a progressive shift from traditional taxation to a tax model based on a multiplicity of tax figures, namely taxes and contributions ", indicated the CIP.

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