Optimistic enters the railway sector with Russians


An intermediation agreement was signed today between Sinara, a Russian group that operates in the railway sector, and the Optimistic group. The purpose is to enter the Portuguese-speaking markets, with a special focus on Brazil and Angola. This agreement demonstrates the reliability that the Optimistic group has conquered in the Russian Federation and at the same time reflects a bet of the Sinara group on the markets of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Sinara Group of companies is a diversified group of 45 companies from different sectors of industry. The total number of employees is 35,000 people.

The Sinara Group was created as an investment company that implements modern business management technologies, taking into account the unified principles of conducting production, technological, investment, social and information policies. The company's activities are aimed at effective investments and increasing commercial value.

According to the results of Sinara Group's activities in 2018, sales revenue (excluding VAT) was 153.75 billion rubles (in 2017 - 124.04 billion rubles). The investment volume in 2018 was 8.48 billion rubles (in 2017 - 3.1 billion rubles). EBITDA in 2018 - 11.14 billion rubles (in 2017 - 8.34 billion rubles).