Portugal: The Dependence on intra-EU trades


Portugal is among the countries most dependent on trade within the single European market.

Portugal is among the European Union countries most dependent on trade with other Member States. More than 70% of the imports and exports of Portuguese companies are for the European market, above the European average, which is close to 60%, according to data released this Thursday by Eurostat.
Most Member States of the European Union have the largest destination for their exports and the origin of their specifications on the domestic market. There are only two cases where these percentages do not exceed 50%: this is the case with Cyprus, which imports more than 50% from the EU but exports little to Member States, and from Ireland, for geographical reasons, given that its main trading partner is the United Kingdom, which is no longer part of the Union.

This news also includes statistics such as:

  • Trade in goods inside and outside the EU;
  • Pandemic affected associated with international trade;
  • Variation in international trade in goods in the EU.