Portugal is the most pessimistic in the eurozone about the economic effect of the crisis


The Portuguese Government is the one that traces the most negative scenario about the economic effect of the crisis in the budget drafts delivered last week to the European Commission, according to Público.

With a forecast of a GDP value 3.6% below that recorded in 2019, the Portuguese Government is the country in the Eurozone with the most pessimistic outlook for the economic effect of the crisis, according to Público. The conclusions are based on budget outlines delivered last week to the European Commission by most countries in the Eurozone.

The same newspaper details that the second country with a more negative expectation is France (which estimates that it will end next year with a GDP 2.8%, lower than that of 2019). And he explains that in the specific case of Portugal, there is a strong impact on the tourism and leasure sector.

However, despite this more pessimistic scenario, the intensity of the pandemic in Portugal has been less than in other countries, such as Spain or France.

Source: www.jornaldenegocios.pt/economia/detalhe/portugal-e-o-mais-pessimista-da-zona-euro-sobre-efeito-economico-da-crise