Portugal Exporter 2018


On November 14, Optimistic was present at the Russian Embassy in Portugal, as part of the activities of the Russia Portugal Business Council, explaining the country's opportunities in the areas of export and internationalization.

Dr. Svetlana Bilous had the opportunity to receive a Russian entourage, who came to Portugal to participate in this event and at the same time to develop a set of contacts with Portuguese companies from different sectors, with an interest in the market of the countries of the Euro-Asian Union.

The PORTUGAL EXPORTER aims to provide Portuguese companies the possibility, in one day and in one place.

  • Knowing the tools available to support export and internationalization;
  • Access extensive information and specialized markets, sectors and other issues related to the internationalization;
  • Meet in direct speech the internationalization of Portuguese companies experience, successes and failures;
  • Access a wide range of products and services;
  • Identify potential partners and establish and strengthen personal contacts generating conditions for each company develop its best strategy to face the challenges of globalization.