Pandemic has accelerated e-commerce in two years. Spaniards “very satisfied” with Correos in Portugal


Correos Express Portugal estimates that the pandemic has accelerated the e-commerce business in Portugal to levels "which were only expected within a year or two". Spaniards are "satisfied".

More than a year after launching the company in Portugal with the purchase of 51% of Rangel Expresso, the Spanish of Correos are "very satisfied" with the evolution of the parcel business in the country. "Since the start of the partnership, we have had a three-digit growth in our activity, compared to the same period last year", says CEO Juan Hermida, general manager of Correos Express Portugal.

The manager explains the trend with "increased e-commerce". Currently, Portugal represents 40% of the business, while Spain weighs 36% in Correos Expresso Portugal. The remaining 24% correspond to international activity. "We believe that, in the future, the greatest growth will be felt in Portugal. Growth in e-commerce is expected in the coming years", highlights Juan Hermida.

Correos Express Portugal does not reveal how much of the four million euros it planned to invest in the first three years of the "partnership". "We are very close to the initial value we had foreseen, especially with regard to investments in automation and technology", points out the manager.

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