Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced the dates of resumption of flights abroad


Co-owner of the Sheremetyevo airport Alexander Ponomarenko in an interview with Forbes announced the terms within which Russia can restore international air traffic.

According to Ponomarenko, he considers optimistic and pessimistic options.

The optimistic scenario assumes resumption of international flights from July and gradual restoration of passenger traffic by the end of this year.

The second scenario assumes that passenger traffic will recover only by the middle of next year. In this case, there is a risk that the airport staff will be reduced, but the Sheremetyevo management intends to retain its team as much as possible by reducing costs.

He also allowed the transfer of some employees to a four-day working week, some may be sent on vacation - including to prevent coronavirus infection.

According to the entrepreneur, in order to maintain a balanced operation of the airport, it was decided to temporarily close terminals C, D and E, reduce all non-productive costs, redistribute resources and optimize processes.