Masks business is falling with market saturation and export difficulties


With the national market saturation and difficulties in exporting due to bureaucracy, the mask business is falling. Clothing is not growing.

   The masks business is falling due to the saturation of the national market and the difficulties exporting these products. This new is advanced by Jornal de Notícias in this Monday's edition, which says that several responsibles for textile associations in Portugal fear for the future of the industry.

   According to the president of the National Association of Clothing and Apparel Industries (ANIVEC), César Araújo, currently the production of masks "is not even close" to the million masks that were made daily during the pandemic - a number advanced in May by the Minister of Economy .

   The international market is not turning into an exit door, due to the bureaucracies imposed by several countries and which are not unanimous. Not only do countries require certification from their own country, although masks already have a national certificate, the criteria for these products may change from country to country.

   In addition to the fact that the masks business no longer has the same weight, there is no recovery for clothing, due to the closure of some retail stores and the drop in exports, writes the JN.