Half of the managers anticipate a negative impact of pandemic on companies


The pandemic changed the perception of managers about their companies, about the Government and even the media. They recognize the impacts of the crisis, but believe that it is possible to overcome it by 2021, reveals a barometer.

   The pandemic of the new coronavirus seems to be changing the perception of Portuguese managers towards the Government, the media and even about business. With the pandemic crisis managers seem to give more importance to factors such as vision, leadership, citizenship and the work environment, to guarantee the company's reputation. During the period of crisis in Portugal, they highlight the Government's performance, appreciate the contribution of the food retail sector and devalue the position of the banking sector.
   In general, Portuguese managers hope to overcome their hiring prospects by the end of the year, but do not know how to classify whether they are optimistic or pessimistic. These are some conclusions "Covid-19: The perception of top management in Portugal", developed on the platform to promote corporate reputation, Rep. Circle, which brought together 271 online interviews with managers in Portugal, between April and May this year.

Managers hope to overcome the crisis in one year

   More than half of Portuguese managers believe that the pandemic will have a negative impact on their company's profits. Despite the uncertainty, Portuguese managers believe that between 2020 and 2021 the economy activities will return to normal. The data reveal that 65.5% of the interviewees failed to define whether they are pessimistic or optimistic about after-Covid-19 economic situation.

   However the pandemic appears to be having a real impact on organizations, with 31.4% of managers saying they will move forward with cuts in human resources over the next six months, in addition to reducing investment in communication and technology.