Exports accelerate and grow 17% in April


Between January and April 2022, exports total 24,451 million euros, 18% more than last year. Imports, meanwhile, increased almost 35% in this period.

Portugal's exports of goods accelerated in April and increased more than 17%, while imports grew nearly 30%, a rate of change that represents a slight slowdown compared to the previous month, but still remains well above the increase in exports. The data was published this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which indicates that the trade balance deficit has worsened by more than a billion euros.

In April this year, according to data from the INE, Portugal exported 6246 million euros in goods, a figure that represents an increase of 17.3% over the same month last year. In the first four months of 2022, exports totaled 24,451 million euros, 18% more than in the same period last year.

Imports, meanwhile, totaled 8691 million Euros in the month under review, an increase of 29.2% compared to April 2021. This figure raises to 33,570 million euros the total amount of imports of goods made by Portugal in the first four months of the year as a whole, which corresponds to an increase of almost 35% compared to last year.

The trade deficit thus stood at 2445 million euros in April, an increase of 1039 million euros over April last year, but a slight improvement over the 2461 million deficit recorded in March of this year.

Source: Jornal Público