Exporting business fabric can help the economy recover


Portugal has 35,562 exporting companies, 10,000 more than in 2008, which may help the economy to recover from the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, according to the consultancy Informa D&B.

   "Portugal has more than 35 thousand exporting companies [companies whose sale of goods and services on the foreign market represents at least 5% of the turnover or more than one million euros in the year], more than 10 thousand than it registered in 2008. This increase which was boosted in response to the crisis ten years ago, may be today an important contribution to the economic recovery from the crisis resulting from the covid-19 ", said in a statement, Informa D&B.

   According to the data provided by the consultant this evolution translates into an increase in exporters from micro to large companies, in sectors related to services as well as in the diversification of destination markets.

   By sector, those linked to business services, industries and information and communication technologies, were the ones that contributed the most for this growth.

   Industries, wholesalers and business services represent close to 60% of the total of exporting companies. In the leadership of the export sectors, the industry remains with more than half (53%) of the total exports.

Link: https://www.dnoticias.pt/pais/tecido-empresarial-exportador-pode-ajudar-a-recuperacao-economica-DY6441489