Export of goods exceed 70 billion euros


Export of goods, in cumulative values, from January to November 2022, amounted to 72.564 million euros. The main destination of Portuguese exports was Spain, with a 26 percent share of the total, followed by France, Germany, the US and the UK.

According to data from INE, exports grew 24.5 percent compared to the first eleven months of 2021. A growth that if compared with the same period in 2020 is 46,6 percent.

From January to November 2022, exports to the European Union increased 22,8 percent, recording a share in total exports of 70,5 percent. In turn, extra-EU exports increased by 28,7 percent, observing a share in the total of 29,5 percent.

For the overall growth of exports, Spain made the largest positive contribution, with an increase of 3,394 million euros (+21,9 percent), followed by the U.S. (1.496 million euros; +45,9 percent), Germany (1.487 million euros; +23 percent) and France (1.357 million euros; +17,7 percent).

By groups of products, Machinery and Equipment was the main export with a share of 13,8 percent of the total, followed by Vehicles and Other Transport Material, representing 12,4 percent.

In this period, the increases in exports of Mineral Fuels (81,8 percent), Machinery and Appliances (19,5 percent), Chemicals (36,8 percent), and Vehicles and Other Transportation Material (15,9 percent) were noteworthy.

Imports totaled 100.471 million euros, showing a year-on-year change of 33,4 percent.

Source: AICEP