Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal wants more support


The Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal (CCP) argues that the current government support measures for companies have become insufficient, saying that they are currently in a more complex and difficult economic situation than last year, during the first confinement.

Following the hearings between the social partners and the President of the Republic, in the Palace of Belém, the president of the CCP, João Lopes, reiterated the need for the Government to promote more support to meet the needs of companies, stressing that the existing measures are "insufficient" and often arrive "late".

For João Lopes, the new confinement imposed by the Government since last month, proves to be more complex than the first, since it has caused serious problems to companies that "are exhausted and exhausted of means".

In the CCP president's view, the question of deflation must be carefully planned, so that it is not necessary to retreat again, and it is necessary to define the current confinement objectives first.

João Lopes therefore stresses the importance of defining a solid strategy for the end of the confinement, which should occur "as soon as possible", as long as the public health imperatives allow it.

In addition to the audience with the leader of the CCP, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also met with the Portuguese Business Confederation and the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers.