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From April 20-28 the INTERNATIONALIZATION WEEK will take place as part of which on April 22 from 15:00 to 16:00 there will be held a Webinar dedicated to AZERBAIJAN MARKET where the key speaker will be our International Director Svetlana Bilous.

- The event will be free and will be held in online format -

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Svetlana Bilous is the General Secretary of CCILR Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-Russian and a partner of COTA Capital SGPS. She is an international trade professional who has dedicated the last 10 years to trade between Russian-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries and has extensive experience in negotiations in various industries and services. With a master's degree from ISCTE and a bachelor's degree from Moscow State University, Svetlana has wide experience in business.

This webinar provides a unique opportunity to get to know the market of Azerbaijan and open new business opportunities!

Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, proclaimed its independence in 1918. With a population of 9.5 million, it is now a country with high indicators of economic growth, ranking 34th in the Ease of Doing business. It is a country rich in mineral resources, hence the main sectors include the oil and gas exploration industry, petrochemicals, metallurgy, electrotechnics. Agriculture also occupies a very important place in the economy, although it has 4 million hectares of agricultural production, this market imports cereals, sugar, oils, meat, among others.

Topics for discussion :

  • Historical overview
  • Economic situation
  • Sectors of industries and service areas with business potential
  • Practical tips for successfully addressing this market

More than ever you can find, in the medium term internationalization, the recovery and boost of your business. 

INTERNATIONALIZATION WEEK is held to support Portuguese companies that want to start the process of internationalization or deepen their international presence and, thus, sell to foreign markets. The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry has prepared an intense week with 6 webinars that will allow you:

  • Understand the internationalization process, what you should and should not do;
  • Get to know the experience of other Portuguese companies that have already gone through the same challenge;
  • Explore 3 selected markets;
  • Understand what you can do to work at the moment, given the current pandemic context;
  • Getting to know the financial instruments that are available to companies.

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For decades, CCIP has been accompanying Portuguese companies in this process. Only in recent years, the CCIP:

  • Carried out 70 business missions;
  • Supported over 400 companies;
  • Obtained a 90% satisfaction rate;
  • Scheduled 30 individual business trips;
  • Provided more than 2,750 business meetings.

Don't miss the unique opportunity and open new horizons for your business, taking advantage of the valuable knowledge of the leading speakers and years of experience of CCIP!

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