90% of the GDP and 80% of the Portuguese in semi-confinement


Starting this Monday, 191 counties in the continent will have tighter circulation rules. It is in this group that 82% of the population and 88% of the wealth produced are concentrated

The Government decided to extend the tight circulation rules to more counties from 121 to 191, the municipalities in partial confinement. And that means that starting this Monday, 82% of the Portuguese will have their movements conditioned, with the curfew between 11pm and 5am from Monday to Friday, and from 1pm on the next weekend.

According to the Dinheiro Vivo calculations, these measures cover around 8.5 million people. These stricter rules apply only to the municipalities of the continent and if we take only this universe, it means that in this territory more than 86% of its residents will be under tighter measures.

In these 191 counties now under greater restrictions, the overwhelming majority of companies in the country are found, counting the largest and most important. In the survey carried out by Dinheiro Vivo, 88% of the country's wealth is produced in these territories.

In the 191 municipalities under partial confinement there are more than one million companies, which correspond to more than 81% of the existing firms in the country.

The municipality of Lisbon leads in the number of companies and in the value of wealth created. In the capital there are 115.6 thousand firms that are responsible for more than 23.1 billion euros, that is, more than a quarter (23.4%). It does not mean that production is located in the capital.

Source: https://www.dinheirovivo.pt/economia/90-do-pib-e-80-dos-portugueses-em-semiconfinamento-13038454.html