Turbo Machinery Supply and Services

Within our company group members, we design, optimize, develop and manufacture different types of rotary equipment, such as fans, blowers and compressors.

Due to support of professional team with more than 15 years of experience in engineering, specially developed software and technical cooperation with international well-known brands, we design, optimize, manufacture, install, commission and repair a wide range of rotary equipment applied in different industries. Our scope of work includes:

  • Supply
  • Engineering, Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning
  • Repair, Maintenance, Refurbishment & Overhaul
  • Providing solutions to improve performance, availability & profitability of equipment
  • Consulting for equipment selection
  • Training

Centrifugal Fans & Blowers:

Classification of OPTIMISTIC Fans & Blowers products is based on Nominal Rotational Speed of electrical motors. However according to customers' requests and demands, we can also design in high rotational speeds with gearbox system in order to achieve high pressure in low mass flow rates.

We fully follow API 673 standard in our design and production.

Centrifugal Compressors:

Our integrally geared compressor is a multi-shaft compressor, comprised of one or more compression stages attached to the end of one or more high speed pinions. The pinions are mounted in a housing that contains a large low speed bull gear, which drives the individual pinions

Using Inter & After coolers and Lube Oil system, structurally separated from compressor core unit, it also provides simple and compact design and low noise operation by adopting sound enclosure (optional).


Research and Development division of OPTIMISTIC consists of a professional team of engineers, which have vast experience with related special design software and prototype laboratories. Analyzed results of primary design are compared to prototype experimental tests in order to evaluate the applied design. In addition, many experiments are done in order to improve design parameters of products.

  • Finite Element Method
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • International Standards
  • Laboratories Tests


OPTIMISTIC is able to supply reliable engineering & technical services to its customers, to increase performance and comply with environmental rules either on its own products or supplied by other brands.

These services include:

  • Periodic and predictive maintenance of equipment by OPTIMISTIC technicians
  • Maintenance techniques training to customer engineers
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Assembly, installation and site commissioning services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance Increase of existing equipment for more production, adaptation to new operating conditions, performance improvement of system for energy savings, decreasing noise levels, extending the lifetime against fatigue, corrosion and other services such as Revamping & Overhaul.

Our Advantages:

  • Tailor-made design based on each customer requirements.
  • The possibility of delivering details of engineering and designs to customers.
  • High efficiency 17.4PH stainless steel impellers with backward leaning vanes, with an aerodynamic 3-dimensional CFD analysis and processed by a 5 -axis CNC center. This ensures better energy efficiency and strength when compared to casting impellers.
  • Low solidity cascade diffuser improves the efficiency of static pressure and increases the throttle range of the compressor units. Manufactured as a complete unit the material is alloy.
  • Impellers and diffusers independently designed according to the requirements of each specific customer's needs and project design.
  • Our design greatly reduces the energy consumption per M³ over our competitor's designs.
  • Rotor impeller design is optimized by our rotor dynamic analysis.
  • 115% over speed spin test for each impeller and dynamic balance for each rotor to guarantee product reliability and efficiency.
  • A radial vibration probe as standard positioned in the Y plane in each impeller to insure performance accuracy.
  • The involute casting is coated to resist against corrosion which is and can be a major issue with other brands.
  • Spare parts interchangeability for different models and frames.
  • 7/24 after sales services availability.