Spice up your life!

The Original, always present in portuguese tables.

Mustard with Coriander flavour and scent.

Strong wasabi flavour in your favourite mustard.

Mustard's old partner. Also by Savora.

Table sauces, with two new flavours: Kebab and Shoarma.

For beer lovers.

Mustard with the unexpected flavour of Wild Berries.

Salad dressing as it should be!

Egg-Free Mayonnaise, ideal for vegans and intolerants. A breakthrough for those who cannot consume mayo.

Diners Special: Solutions for Professionals.

Feel the intense taste of Dijon.

Delicious Duet, Honey with Chili.

Tradicional and ancient recipe of mustard.

Mayo with erbs and garlic, a true delight for your salads.