Meat and Delicatessen

Traditional Flavours

Roasted Negrais Piglet: a true Portuguese Speciality, made a tradition by the producer, following an ancient family recipe.

Pork Belly , a true speciality available through Optimistic.

Pork Loin, a delicious variety from the Negrais Piglet, that you can taste, brought to you by Optimistic.

Production of Pork, Beef and Ovine fresh and frozen meat.

Hams and sliced Iberian Pork Products, succulent, fresh, tasteful and with a quality seal. Tradition at your table.

Paladares Alentejanos, always present in a typical Portuguese table.

Loin Paio, made using ancient methods and traditions, very typical.

Traditional Pork Sausage from Alentejo.