IT Solution for Financial Area

Asset Management

We offer the portfolio solution for valuation, accounting and reporting with automated data aggregation and a simple, modern user experience, for faster and more reliable back office performance.

Owning it you have:

  • Clean environment for maximum productivity;
  • Intuitive insights about key portfolio metrics;
  • Reliable market data straight into your system;
  • Multiple methods to accommodate your needs;
  • Clear controls to identify and resolve issues.



You can put the most accurate information at your fingertips for portfolio valuation, accounting and reporting.


You can customize accounting rules, set up alerts and track compliance using safe, secure audit trails.


You can automate routine tasks, reduce manual errors and improve efficiency with a rich, visual interface and simple user experience.

Specialized Business Finance 

We offer the flexible and comprehensive modular product suite that allows financial institutions to easily manage end-to-end business finance lifecycle.

Owning it you:

  • Get easy integration, low investment costs;
  • Build business across the finance lifecycle and your client base.



Makes operations more efficient while improving debt recovery for all types of factoring including international, recourse, spot and whole turnover.

Payables Finance

Includes smart tools for tracking and checking invoices so you have greater control of payables finances, including those with or without assurance.


Connects to a wide range of data sources to help you increase returns and minimize risk across insurance, fleet management, real estate and broker finance.

Regulatory Technology

Our technology helps Financial Institutions address both current and future regulatory reporting requirements, effectively deal with regulatory changes and ultimately, reduce operational costs.


  • Enterprise-wide view of the reporting cycle and its underlying data;
  • Multiple business data sources aggregated into one repository based on a Common Data Model;
  • Tailored workflow tracking;
  • Explore data from multiple sources using everyday language;
  • Smart data visualisation;
  • Instant notifications;
  • Centralised regulatory calendars;
  • AI-powered anomaly detection on time-series data to highlight potential errors and duplications.

Digital Banking Platform

We offer a customer journey design platform that leverages open API's and business driven building blocks to enable a digital first experience.


Transformation One Journey at Time 
Leverage your existing systems to create customer journey.

Increase your Business Opportunities

Become a driver for digital transformation or enable 3rd party business models.

Journey Design
Design & Implement your customer experiences in a single place.