Why Portugal?  

⦁ Is geostrategic position that bridges the three continents - Europe, Asia and America.

⦁ Is most relevant natural resource - The Atlantic Ocean

⦁ Is weather - Moderate and temperate climate.

⦁ The security - considered the 3rd most peacfull country in the world.

⦁ Easier for doing business.

⦁ The 2nd country of the European Union where it is easier to create a new company.

⦁ The 3rd most sophisticated online public services in the European Union.

Our Services

ー Support in Buying and Selling properties ー

ー Diversified properties Portfolio ー

ー Wide network of contacts ー

Investments options

  • 280k - This level of investment is available only for properties in low population density areas.
  • 350k - At this level of investment, the apllicant can purchase Real Estate located in urban areas, but only properties constructed more than 30 years ago and in need of refurbishment. The sum for property and reconstruction must reach the 350k minimum investment.
  • 500k - All types of Real Estate investments available.