Speaking about the beginning of the company we must go back to the year of 1997, when the founder began to coach business executives. Since then, he became more aware of the current need to launch and support Portuguese companies in the quest for new markets. During his activity as coordinator of several business executive trainings he had the chance to encourage, motivate and accompany several business projects and to give an expert piece of advice to his students.

Due to several requests for cooperation there was the need to create a business structure with a distinct offer. Management consultancy, real estate consultancy, financial restructuring, business & legal consultancy, accounting & tax services (outsourcing by partners) and business events were added to the training sector.

We created in 2012 Optimistic Business Boutique with customised and flexible solutions for modern and international entrepreneurs.

We are focused on your company results and adjust to achieve them, therefore our moto is Grow to success.

We believe the only way we have to help your company to achieve success is through the service quality we perform. That is the path we take.