Speaking of the beginning of the company we must go back to the year of 1997, when the founder began to coach business executives and provide consulting services for companies. Since then, he became more aware of the current need to launch and support Portuguese companies in the quest for new markets. During his activity as coordinator of several business executive trainings he had the chance to encourage, motivate and accompany several business projects and to give an expert piece of advice to his students.

Due to several requests for cooperation there was the need to create a business structure with a distinct offer. Management consultancy, real estate consultancy, financial restructuring, business & legal consultancy, accounting & tax services (outsourcing by partners) and business events were added to the training sector.

We created in 2012 Optimistic Business Boutique with customized and flexible solutions for modern and international entrepreneurs. There were developed business activities in such areas, as investment advisory, purchase and sale of companies and trading operations, both export and import. The company's activity aimed at helping companies internationalize and conquer new markets has strengthened its dynamics in a food products area. As a result, the following brands have been created: Optimistic Finance, Optimistic F&B and Optimistic Oil&Gas.

In 2014, the company began distribution and exportation of pharmaceutical and clinical equipment and materials, and also opened its real estate business with the main focus on: sale and purchase of apartments, golden visa and real estate investments. These two types of activities have contributed to the creation of brands such as Optimistic Healthcare and Optimistic Boutique Property Advisors.

Over the next 6 years, Optimistic has expanded its business and opened its doors to other markets, working in several sectors in more than 10 countries. In 2017, Optimistic expanded its financial services by starting M&A activities, increasing the dynamics of internationalization to a higher level.

Over the following years, the company continued to grow rapidly in new areas of business. In 2018, Optimistic entered the IT market, introducing various solutions for the financial sector. 

2019 was a very important year because of the significant changes that our company has experienced. Optimistic started its activity in the field of repair and maintenance of rotary equipment and now as a high tech & knowledge-based company is able to design, optimize, manufacture, install, commission and repair a wide range of rotary equipment in different industries.

2019 was very important due to the significant changes that Optimistic has experienced. At the end of the year we moved to a new office, updated the positioning and brand representation.

We are focused on your company results and adjust to achieve them, therefore our moto is Grow to success.

We believe the only way we have to help your company to achieve success is through the quality of service we perform. That is the path we take.