Healthy Snacks

Products for a healthy living.

Healthy Chocolates: Each bar has at least 45%-50% cocoa, sugar and gluten free. Available in Almonds, red blueberry, coffee and mint.

Healthy Jams, diabetic tolerant, with 47%-50% of fruit, low calories and sugars.

Whole Grain Crackers, rich in fiber, vitamin B2, iron, calcium, produced with brown sugar, with an anti-oxidant effect. 

Energy Bars, gluten Free, 7% Protein, simple and complex carbohydrates, cafeine, taurine and minerals. Flavours of Chocolate and Vanilla.

Tea family with several objectives, like colesterol, thinning, easy digestion, anti-stress, come and see all we can do for you.

Protein bars with excellent flavour, 25% Protein, 0% trans fats, vitamines and minerals, gluten free. Flavours in Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and chocolate and Nuts.

Seeds in practical packages to use in your healthy diet. Mix them in a creative way to have delicious meals.