Documents and general requirements

  • Passport or any other valid travel document;
  • Evidence of entry and legal stay in the National Territory;
  • Evidence in which the Applicant is covered by the health care system, namely:

o - Document proving the Applicant is covered by the National Health Service; or

o - Document proving the Applicant is the holder of an internationally recognised health insurance for the time period of the legal residence requested or featuring the automatic renewal of the insurance;

  • Extract from the criminal record of the country of origin, or of the country (or countries) where the Applicant is living for more than one year; otherwise, a certificate by the Portuguese diplomatic representation or consular mission. It shall be issued up to three months before the submission of all the documentation legally required and translated into Portuguese;
  • Supporting evidence of the tax identification number, or equivalent, of the country of origin, residence or tax residence;
  • Filling in the Application Form (standard form) stating the authorisation for consultation of the Portuguese Criminal Record;
  • Sworn Statement by which the Applicant declares to comply with all the minimum quantitative and time requirements (five years) for the investment activity in the National Territory;
  • Evidence of the tax obligations duly filled in by means of submitting the negative debt declaration issued, up to 45 days maximum in advance, by the Tax and Customs Authority and the Social Security or, if not feasible, a declaration stating the non-existence of a record within these entities;
  • Payment receipt for analysis of the ARI application