Centrifugal Air & Gas Compressors

Compressor is one of the most important machines, which is used, in a wide range of industries. Due to the complexity in compressor design, production and maintenance, it is necessary to have enough knowledge and experience in this field in order to be reliable.

Optimistic Rotary Equipment Group with a long-term experience in supply, modification and maintenance of all types of compressors and cooperation with the famous international brands is now able to manufacture centrifugal integrally geared API 617 compressors for air & gas applications.

Range of Centrifugal Compressors

Classification of our products is based on Nominal Rotational Speed of electrical motors. According to customer request and demands, it can also be designed in high rotational speeds with gearbox system in order to achieve high pressure in low mass flow rates.

Suction pressure (max.)

70 bar

Discharge pressure (max.) 

100 bar

Suction temperature

-60 to +200 C

Inlet-flow range

3.500 up to 400.000 m3/hr

No. of stages

1 to 6

Gases handled 

Air & All Process Gases

Impeller type 

Open & Covered

Packaged Compressors: 

In order to answer requirements of our customers for different types of compressors which are not manufactured by our producers, we are able to supply, package, install, commission and repair full range of oil-free or lubricated piston compressors, according to API 618, API 11P, ISO 13631, ISO 13707 and screw compressors according to API 619, ISO 10440-1, ISO 10440-2, in cooperation with famous international brands.

For this purpose , we will supply bare blocks or core engine from a very professional list of selected vendors and we will do the complete packaging in our factory.

Our compressor pacakges serve major industries including:

  • Refining
  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Gas transmission and storage
  • Gas injection
  • Iron & Steel
  • Fertilizer
  • Food
  • Wastewater Treatment & Biogas


  • All produced compressors are tested as per ASME PTC 10 standard.
  • Impellers balance and vibration levels are very important which ignoring them can cause catastrophic failures in the field. We conduct various tests to address these critical issues.
  • Impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO G6.3 minimum.
  • Full-speed, mechanical run test is performed on the compressor assembly.
  • Vibration analysis conducted at operating speed.
  • In-depth bearing analysis designed to detect any potential bearing problems.