Bio & Organic

Naturally for you.

Biological Hazelnut Flour, 100% Organic, Gluten free, vegan friendly.

Powdered Baobab: Can be consumed with water, yogurt, smoothies, jams and pastry. Lactose and gluten free, low fat and digestive system regulator.

Amaranth Flakes: rich in fiber, protein source, crispy, low fat.

Biological Seeds, perfect to use in your healthy and balanced dishes. Available in the following varieties: Golden linseed. sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, goji, white quinoa, hemp and chia.

Biological Almond Flour, perfect for pastry, handmade and Eco, Organic Certified.

Powdered Nopal: Biological, gluten and lactose free, no added sugars, vegan friendly, source of fibers, calcium and magnesium.

Millet Flakes: Low Fat, non GMO, fiber and protein rich.

Biological Tea , available with Chamomile, white, red and green tea.

Biological Pine Nuts Flour, low oil content, low fat, protein and fiber source.

Buck Flakes, source of fiber, iron, magnesium, low fat, non GMO.

Raw Bars: Biological and organic bars, gluten, lactose and sugar free. Vegan friendly. Cocoa, Apple and Cinnamon, Coconut.

Almond oil; Hazelnut oil;          Pine nut oil