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As an innovative Business Boutique we distinguish ourselves by supporting companies that are determined to grow internationally and at the same time foreign companies that want to enter the markets of Portuguese-speaking countries. We develop business in five distinct and however complementary areas: Finance, Oil&GasReal Estate, Health and F&B.

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  • 16/04/2018 16:39

    Optimistic received in Lisbon the Russian company PROTAI

    On April 12 and 13, Optimistic received in Lisbon the Russian company PROTAI, one of the largest Russian telecommunications and IT companies, and...

  • 29/03/2018 11:07

    Easter Interruption 2018

    Dear customers,   We inform our services closed during the afternoon of the 29th and throughout the day March 30, 2018.   Votes for a Happy...

  • 31/10/2017 11:41

    Business Mission - Rússia

    Optimistic organized for the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce the 1st multisectoral business mission of this Chamber to Russia, (22nd...

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  • 08/03/2018 13:12

    Zoom In: Rússia

      Optimistic was present at the Business Mission to Russia. Here, the methods necessary to successfully face the local market, as well as answering all questions about this country, and the importance of participating in a business mission or undertaking an individual business trip to Russia...

  • 22/04/2016 09:01

    #7: Portuguese Regions - Azores

      The Azores officially the Autonomous Region of the Azores, is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal together with Madeira. It is composed of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean and it is divided in three main groups:...

  • 15/04/2016 15:01

    #6: Portuguese Regions - Madeira

      This week we share with you some information about Madeira, approximately a one-and-a-half hour flight from Continental Portugal.   Madeira Flag   Madeira is one of the two Portuguese Archipelagos, being located in the north Atlantic Ocean. It includes the islands...

  • 08/04/2016 18:10

    #5: Portuguese Regions: Porto

      This week we share with you some information about the city of Porto. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, after the country’s capital, Lisbon. Its urban area, which extends beyond the administrative limits of the city, has a population of 1.4 million inhabitants. Porto is served...

  • 01/04/2016 12:41

    #4: Portuguese Regions - Coimbra

      Coimbra is the fourth-largest urban centre in Portugal (after Lisbon, Porto and Braga) and it is the largest city of the district of Coimbra. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal for more than a century (from 1131 to 1255). We leave you here some information...

  • 24/03/2016 16:10

    #3: Regions of Portugal - Algarve

    The third region that we bring to your attention among series Portuguese Regions is Algarve, located in the South of Portugal. The word Algarve derives from the arabic al-Gharb, meaning “the West”. It is subdivided into 16 municipalities – such as Albufeira, Lagoa,...

  • 18/03/2016 17:04

    #2: Portuguese Regions - Alentejo

      The second region that we bring to your attention among series Portuguese Regions is Alentejo, located in South-Central Portugal. It covers around 33% of the continental part of Portugal and it has 760 098 inhabitants. Alentejo derives from Além + Tejo, literally translated to...

  • 11/03/2016 08:59

    #1: Portuguese Regions - Lisbon

      We start Portuguese Regions with Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. The sunniest European capital is also the mainland westernmost capital city and the only one along the Atlantic coast. With about half a million inhabitants within its administrative limits area, the city is an important...

  • 26/02/2016 16:50

    #8: Reasons to invest in Portugal

      This week we end our fantastic Reasons to invest in Portugal with the final point: Quality of life! #8: Quality of Life     The reasons mentioned in our previous articles, such as Portugal prime geographic location, its modern infrastructures, peaceful environment and the...

  • 19/02/2016 11:21

    #7: Reasons to invest in Portugal

      This week we highlight reason number 7 from Reasons to invest in Portugal. #7: Talented Workforce Although Portugal is a relatively small country with only about 10 million inhabitants, it possesses a committed, flexible and diversified workforce with strong high level education...

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