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OPTIMISTIC collaborates with companies in developing their internationalization process and providing orientation in entering new markets. To achieve these goals we created a business structure that is tailored for each client, using unique management methods, creating new ways and solutions. High quality service generates high quality results. This is a rule that applies to our company and to our clients and by which we organize our daily work.


We share our expertise  with companies to setup their internationalization program, and guide them through new markets. At the same time, we collaborate with foreign investors wishing to enter the market of Portuguese speaking countries.


We work in five distinct and yet complementary ar0eas: Finance, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Health and F & B.


Our prestigious international database allows us to find the appropriate solution to the most diverse requests of our clients, in order to comply and exceed their expectations.


To achieve goals and add value to our work, we have created a tailor-made business structure for each client, with unique management methods in order to obtain solutions that are effective. A high quality service equals high quality results. A rule that applies to our company and our clients and which we respect in our daily work.


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